For you as a hotelier professional social media marketing is an investment.

We ensure a high return on investment.

Founder Marcus shows you the potential.

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  • An appealing presentation of your hotel in social mediaProfessional Online Branding
  • High measurable reach and contact with your guestsExpand brand awareness
  • Individual and authentic storytellingExciting articles and campaigns for your hotel
  • High click rates on your websiteIncrease of inquiries and bookings

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What you need

In the last 8 years the use of social media has changed several times and completely. A clear masterplan is needed to invest the capital in a profitable way.


#masterplan #strategy #efficiency

Our masterplan for you

  1. Getting to know you personallyIdentify potentials. Answer questions. Defining goals.
  2. Online branding workshopGet to know the hotel personally. Define core messages. Define workflow processes.
  3. Create social media conceptDevelop visual language, tonality and stories.
  4. Launch social media offensiveCreate posts. Design advertisements. Go online.
  5. AnalysisKampagnen beobachten, auswerten und optimieren.
  6. Reports erstellenMonitor, evaluate and optimize campaigns.
  7. Welcome hotel guests;)
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The journey starts here…

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Social media is communication among "friends"

That is why we tell a story in every post or advertisement. The guest should be made to smile. Or to evoke a spontaneous "WOW, that's where I want to go!"

And success proves the strategy right. In 2012, the team was "ennobled" by Facebook and included in the "Best Practice Top 40" in Europe for the Facebook pages they manage.

#content #wordimageacrobatics #emotion #longing

The goal

To create a recognisable word-image language in order to further expand the hotel's brand awareness and establish it in the social media. The visually and content-wise varied postings on Facebook, Instagram and Co. will create a positive, modern, likeable and authentic overall picture.

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  • Video & Photo Production

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Video & Photo Production

Over the years, we have built up a professional and versatile network of cooperation partners in photo and video production. We manage and organise photo shoots and video shoots for you. From the selection of the perfect expert for your project to the booking of authentic models and a schedule that is coordinated down to the last detail - we ensure a smooth process and convincing results.

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…when the appropriate content has been created, It's time for programming

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We generate numbers that perform. The focus is on reach, clicks and acquisition of new customers.

  • Conception of tailor-made artworks
  • Development of highly affine target groups
  • Programming of high performance campaigns
  • Intelligent monitoring and permanent optimisation
  • Result based re- and lookalike marketing
  • Comprehensible reports with added value and clear & recommendations for action

Performance pro Ron explains...

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Examples of ad formats

HüttenhofInstant Experience

aufatmenInstant Experience

Kempinski Vier JahreszeitenInstant Experience

Nassauer HofInstant Experience

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Examples of ad formats

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Does it work? Yes!
Here are a few examples of success...

Beautiful hotels ...

... with extraordinary social media marketing by mindPool.

Grand Resort
Grand Resort Zürserhof
Hotel & Bergdorf
Hotel & Bergdorf Hüttenhof
Hotel Nassauer Hof
Hotel Nassauer Hof Wiesbaden
Hotel Wiesergut
Kempinski Hotel
Kempinski Hotel Berchtesgaden
Edelweiss Wagrain
Naturhotel Edelweiss Wagrain
Luxury Holiday Homes
Senhoog Luxury Holiday Homes
Bergdorf Priesteregg
Alpin Lodge & SPA
Hotel HUBERTUS Alpin Lodge & SPA
Hotel Vier Jahreszeiten
Kempinski München
Hotel Vier Jahreszeiten Kempinski München
Kulm Hotel
St. Moritz
Kulm Hotel St. Moritz
Mama Thresl
Hideaway Hotels
Check out best practice ... Check out best practice ...

More than holidays

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Collect moments not things

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Grand Dame of the German Luxury Hotel Industry

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we call it happiness

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pure alpine lifestyle

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Nature is our lifestyle

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Holiday homes with personality

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Simply live. Simply be human.

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Lust for life.

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Royal bavarian flair.

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Pioneering spirit as tradition.

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